South Higgins Lake State Park Harvestfest 2009

For the past six years now a local state park has been hosting a Harvest Fest at South Higgins State Park as a way to celebrate Halloween early with campers, usually on the first full weekend of October. Along with a Haunted Walk and Trick or Treating for the kids, the organizers of the event encourage campers to decorate their lots. On the last night, the camp staff come around and judge who has the best decorated lot. For the past two years, we have won this competition for best lot and it really isn't possible without all of the hard work that a group of us put into it. Here are a couple vids of props that I made for this year. We have done tombstones (static) in the past but more I learn what haunters are doing with motion it really adds to the display. Phil and Char along with Lee and Bobbie did an autopsy room and haunted diner display. They were awesome (sorry Bruce). Carrie entertained the young ghosts and goblins with her pet rat. Yes it was pastic but who knew? Our sons Andy and Alex also pitched in with the event.

In our past four years my wife Debbie and our good friends Corny and Shari, Lee and Bobbie, Gale and Mary, Bruce and Carrie, and Phil and Char put the time in making it a success. This year we were joined by our friend Kay, my brother Jim and his wife Karen and their friends Jeff and Michelle. Michelle's dark side came out with her rendition of a physco killer in the autopsy room. I think Jeff probably slept with one eye open for the next few nights :)

This is one fun event (even though the weather stunk this year). The kids trick or treating really find our site fun and scary. I suspect "scary" by the few kids who were sreaming to their parents that they did not want to go in. For those kids we made sure they took the short cut candy tent. That seemed to sooth their fears. The haunted walk was absolutely kick a#$ this year. Kudos to everyone who participated (which is all volunteer) in it. I guess thats what makes it so much fun. The park mood is nothing but halloween and having a great time. The camp hosts are really fun and no doubt put in a lot of time for this event.

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  1. Really neat man under the tractor!