Pictures from Harvest Fest 2009

Scary jail escapee number 1, Tanner. Corny and Sheri's boxer.

Here Corny(holding the sign) and his wife Sheri (far left), myself (on ladder)with our son Alex (far right) and my wife Debbie (facing) are putting the final touches on the entrance

Here we are setting up on Saturday morning. For all of the stuff we did it only took about 3 hours. By noon we were just adding the odds and ends.

Our pom Max is jail breaker number 2. He was in for humping. Too bad he is a repeat offender!

Its go time!!

You know, I wondered where all of the booze went. You have got to watch those darn pumkins!!!

Here is the autopsy room with crazed Michelle. She is hard to see through the fog on the right. Her husband Jeff is on the left.