Harvest Fest 2008

Here are some pics from our 2008 Harvest Fest. It was very, very cold that year. It was one of those weekends were you needed to stand around the fire pit, but with that being said, there is nothing better than a crisp campground and the smell of a campfire. Of course, when you are making memories with your friends it doesn't really matter what the weather is. The gang included myself and my wife Debbie and our sons Andy and Alex, Corny and Shari and their daughter Kendra, Bruce and Carrie, Bobbi and Lee and their son Jeremy, Phil and Char and their daughter Jessie, and Gale and Mary.

This was the first year that we really expanded the cemetery scene. Phil and Char also set up the autopsy room for the first time. The kids worked the autopsy room with the real beef parts. It was kinda funny that due to how cold it was the stuff never really thawed out. Trick or Treaters really took a close look at this big heart sticking out of the manikin. This year there was a virus that traveled our campsite called Jose Quervo. Luckly it was a short acting virus that usually passed by early afternoon. There were alot of great decorated sites everywhere. Due to pure luck we won best decorated lot. Its a group effort and a heck of alot of fun. If you are looking for one last camping trip for the summer or love halloween, you really need to attend. Its a hoot for kids and adults alike.
Its carving pumpkin time! Here is (left to right) my wife Debbie, Char, Carrie, Bobbi, Corny and his wife Shari.

Remember me saying how cold it was? Here is Lee, Shari, Corny and myself warming by the campfire.

I think this speaks for how cold it was. Char and Bobbi living the good life!

I know, pretty sad.

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